Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday!

My mom just told me a cute story yesterday. She babysits for my sister's 15 month old baby on weekdays while my sister works. It's funny how babies grows so fast. Especially when you're not looking! The last time I saw baby Liv was in February, and she was barely standing up. Now, 7 months later, they're telling me how fast she is running around the house and how they were teaching her to pray before eating her meals. The way they do it is: before meals, they would ask her to look at the cross, put her tiny hands together, and say "Amen". Well, anyway, my mom was telling me that baby Liv is very picky with her food lately. They spend a lot of time around the dinner table to coax her to eat her meals. She would ask for her favorite food: yogurt, noodles, etc. One time, after the prayer, they started feeding her some noodles. Immediately after the first bite, she put her hands together, looked at the cross, and say "thank you, Amen! OMG... how cute is that? I wonder how she were able to thank God instead of thanking the ones who were feeding her :)

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