Wednesday, November 17, 2010

daylight savings

Daylight savings time ended about 2 weeks ago. Every year, this is the one day that we get an extra hour to sleep. I love it. Not only you get to stay in bed longer, but you also feel so refreshed and eager to start your day. I really do wish I can wake up early everyday. I can definitely get more stuff done in the morning since I used to be a morning person.

The only thing that I don't like from the end of daylight savings time is how dark and cold it gets at 5pm. I"m posting this blog entry while waiting for my bus in front of the campus. It's great to be able to post this entry using blackberry, but the cold wind is making my thumbs moving slower and slower... At times like this (and especially when it's raining), I wish I don't have to use the bus to go to school. It's only November, so I'm sure it'll get colder soon. I guess it's time to bring extra jacket and shawl. Another problem is.. my bus is not very punctual. I really have to wait 15 minutes before it's scheduled to arrive because (like this morning) they might come early and you won't even know that they've left. Other times, they are late for 15 minutes and you have to wait in the cold for 30 minutes total. Hmm... I guess I just have to be thankful that there is a bus in the first place. I'm quite lucky in this aspect. Anyways.. I hope my bus comes soon. I've been waiting for 20 minutes!

Monday, November 15, 2010


So, the Clippers lost on Friday. Despite everything, I think this team is definitely a lot better than they were last year. They still need to work on their defense and calm-under-pressure mentality, but at least they put up a very good fight against the Pistons, even extending the game into overtime. All of the fans were standing up during the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter, and you can feel that the crowd was really rooting for them to win it. That was the first time I see Clippers fan excited about a game!

Anyways, today is Monday again, and it's time to feature the Monterpiece of the week. I used to post Monterpiece (Monday Centerpiece) series regularly. I think it's time to bring out the tradition again, don't you think?

Let's see.... it's November, the leaves are starting to change colors, and Thanksgiving is coming up. Here's what I have in mind for today's featured centerpiece:


Instead of using pears and roses, you can use pumpkins, apples, persimmons, branches of red leaves from your backyard, and add feathers as accents into the arrangements. I love persimmons because of their brilliant orange colors that always reminds me of Autumn, but you can mix and match the colors yourselves. I like to add the red dragonfruits too if I can, but they are so expensive here...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Pics from clipers vs. pistons game

Can you tell this is us?

clippers nation, rise up!

Do you ever feel like a higher power is telling you that you're supposed to do something for unknown some reason? Well, last week my friend offered to guve me some tickets to go see the clippers. Well, apparently I responded late to her email and she ended up giving the tix to someone else. We were kinda bummed out, but the next day, Mr. B's boss suddenly gave him 2 tix to watch the same game. So here we are, right this minute, row 7 seat 3 and 4 on the clippers vs. Pistons game. I hope clippers can win this one. They've been doing much better this season compared to last season.

Oh! Btw, we got caught on the kiss cam!!! That was pretty cool :)

Rose Bakery

This post is a little late, but better be late than never, right?

Last Saturday, Mr. B and I went to Laguna Beach for our morning bikram yoga session. After burning about 800-1000 calories, we got pretty hungry and decided to venture out to find a new breakfast place. We're pretty big fan of breakfast and brunch (especially on the weekends), so we were pretty excited to find Rose Bakery Cafe that's rated 4 stars on Yelp.

Sure enough, the place was packed at 10am! We didn't have to wait for too long though. I think we were able to get our orders placed in 10 minutes, and the food came out about 15 minutes later. Mr.B tried the deluxe breakfast burrito, and I got the eggs benedict. Overall, the food was delicious and affordable. I didn't like the eggs benedict so much, but maybe that was my guilt talking. I really shouldn't be eating like that right after yoga...  Anyway, I read that the donuts are really good, but I didn't feel like eating them, so... maybe next time.