Sunday, March 29, 2009

uuu.... 51st post :)

First thing's first.... Mr. B is going away on a trip for 2 weeks, and I miss him already!! :(

So, yesterday we went to Robbins Bro, and picked out our wedding rings! Yayyy :) It's one of the easiest decision we've made during this whole wedding planning process. They showed us several rings, and one just screamed "I'm IT!". So I got it. Actually, Mr. B got it for me. He's so lovely that way. Anything I want, I get. He spoils me too much.

Anyways, we also managed to finalize the floorplan for the reception venue and the reception timeline. I'm so proud of us ;) Plus, I managed to finish about 30 flowers already. I did them while watching Legaly Blond and Lakers Game, consecutively. So... that's like about 4 hours? Anyhow. Extremely proud about them flowers too. Overally, it's such a productive weekend. Wow.

The highlight of the weekend was getting Cindy's hair trial done yesterday. OMG. She's already pretty anyway, but with the little romantic ribbon bands... and the sweet flower... and the trendy curls? She looked so pretty that I almost got teary-eyed. Seriously. Gorgeous, I tell you.

Monday, March 23, 2009

DIY Wedding Sign

My friend gave me a brilliant idea last night.... he suggested that we take this picture:

Blow it up to about 20 x 15 size, stick in on a pole, and put it in front of the wedding venue as a welcome sign for our guest... kinda like this:

Brilliant, I tell you :)

Save The Date

Yayyy... the save the dates are all out! My sister's friend who designed our invitation created the digital save the date version that's similar to the invitation so we can send them out electronically. I don't know about you guys, but I love using email to send the save the dates out :) It saves so much time and effort because most of the people that we are inviting are already in our email address book anyway! So... I'm glad I can cross this line out from my to-do list.

Another option that I had in mind for the save the date cards:


These are old playbill postcards... how cute would that be? :) It's relatively inexpensive too... $5 for 20 postcards? Can't go wrong with that...

Sunday, March 22, 2009


My Mr.B is a supernatural. The day that we met, he said we are soulmates, and what do you know... he turns out to be right in the end :)

Nah... actually he was showing off his card skills.... He had wanted to be a magician at one time, and so he knows a lot of card tricks etc. And so, as we were hanging out at a tea station on the day that we first met, he pretended that if he can guess what card I had picked out from the deck. When he guessed it right... you know it... he'd found his soulmate.


Thursday, March 19, 2009


Wedding first dance is coming along great. Who knew you can learn quite a bit of moves from youtube? :)

Can't wait to start my DIY flower projects tomorrow :) :)

And can't wait to start the weekend :) :) :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My new post-St Patty's day resolution:
1. to drink 2 bottles of water (this is a tough one!)
2. to go to the gym
3. to start doing the DIYs - I'm planning to go to Michaels today to look for the things I need

That's all :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

The price of love

I miss my sister. How I wish she is here.... and what would I give to have her here on my wedding day...


But... I'm truly happy for her. And of course I understand. Even if it means that my dream wedding is not going to be perfect anymore since she will not be there.

House Hunting

Did I mention that Mr. B and I are house hunting?
You know... it's such a big decision to make. An even bigger decision than deciding to get married, if I may say ;) With marriage.... (with the right guy) you kinda know. You look into his eyes, and you say to yourself, "this is it". You just know....

But with houses? Oh my goodness..... well, some of the houses I visited are nice. Some are terrific. And some just make you wanna run back to your car screaming "let's get out of here". Almost. But then you take a second look around and you say to yourself, "lets put emotion aside and think rationally here. Does this house have potential?" Haha! Then you think again. Seriously. I'm gonna live here. I don't wanna have to wake up every morning looking at that ugly bathtub! So. I learn that it's a balancing act. Emotion and ration. A healthy dose of that, and hopefully things will work out.

Being an undecided person that I am... I've always relyed on other people to help me make the decisions. This time is going to be different. I'm gonna live in this house I'm about to choose, and I wanna be able to say, "hello, I live here" fabulously, just like Carrie Bradshaw did on that movie :)

*crossing my fingers*

Friday, March 13, 2009


85 days till "I Do"... with thousands of things to do.

Well, I have a lot of things accomplished already, but I guess the details are really driving me nuts. Does it matter if we have a chair cover or not? DIY Flower a-la Martha Stewart on the napkin? Medium or large altar arrangement? Coral pink, salmon, just pink, or whatever this color I have in my head ? Arrrghhhh.... remind me again why I'm doing this wedding? Why can't it be just the two of us, with the priest, with our parents and siblings and closest friends, in St. Boniface, saying "I do"?

I know, I know... It is definitely time to step back, relax, take it easy, and remember the most important thing about the wedding is our love. What I want the most is to be able to look back on June 6 2009 when I'm 90 years old and say, "all I remember is Love." Indeed, Love is all that matters.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Vintage Founds

I went to a thrift store in Anaheim last weekend, and..... look what I found!!

Cool vintage frames! Remember I said a while back that we are going to name the tables according to broadway shows ? Well, these are a preliminary sample of what the table numbers are going to be. Total estimated cost for 20 tables? under 20 - 30 bucks. Can you imagine? A buck per frame (and I just printed out the playbills from my home printer). the frame in the middle is $2, but the other ones are $1 each. They also had lots of tall vintage vases for ranging between $2-10. My goodness.... It's like I died and went to vintage shopping heaven. I had collected about 10 different frames and 5 vases when my fiance came to my side, pulled me out of the daze I was in, and brought me back into reality. He literally had to put the frames and vases back to the shelves and drag me to the car so that I don't go crazy buying these darling frames and vases..... I only managed to 'save' these three frames but I think I'll go back there without him one of these days *shhh! don't tell!*

Anyway, here's the story behind the 2nd frame (the one in the middle). You can't really see it in the pictures above, but here's a close up picture of it.
This is the movie ticket from our first date together. Phantom of the Opera. January 8, 2005. I recently found it inside the pocket of my sister's dressy jacket that I wore on that date 4 years ago. It was a thick jacket, so I only wear the jacket once in a while, which explains why the ticket stayed intact for so long. I'm glad I found it though.... Isn't it a wonderful memorabilia? I think I will place this frame, along with the frames of our grandparents and parents' wedding pictures around the wedding cake as a little nod and a wink to them ;)


Hmm... my wedding venue is now charging 3% for credit card payments.... I no like. Actually, I prefer making payments (mostly deposits) using credit cards, simply because if anything goes wrong or there is any violation of the contract on the vendor's part, I can claim it back to the credit card company. It's kind of like a buyer's protection for me. I guess the economy is really taking a hit lately. More and more vendors are only accepting cash or check for their payments....

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Date in Downtown LA

Remember the sneak peek pics post I put up a while back? Well, we just got the CD with about 280 pictures back from the studio on Saturday and... I love, love, love ALL the results! I gotta thank my friend Martha, the gorgeous make up artist who made me look pretty ;) and of course, Lawrence the oh-so-talented photographer.

I'll admit, as much fun as it was taking all these pictures, my poor legs were pretty tired after walking around in heels for 4 hours. The poor thing needs more practice walking around in heels before the wedding! I can't imagine how Lawrence carry all his photo equipments around that whole time, though.... 4 hours.. tsk tsk tsk... As it got dark, he kept pulling all these gadgets from his seemingly bottomless black bags. I wonder what other things he has in there. Is it like a doraemon pocket? Weightless and infinite? I want one of those...

Anyways, although it's hard to them narrow down we were finally able to pick about 15 of our top picks. Can you help us pick one favorite out of all these amazing pictures? :)

Seriously, we couldn't be any happier with our choice of photographer...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"For Good"

I'm so glad my parents are here. They're such loving parents, I cannot thank God enough.

I'm so glad my dearest friends / bm are always there to help keep my sanity... I cannot thank God enough for them...

This songs reminds me of them:

I've heard it said
That people come into our lives for a reason
Bringing something we must learn
And we are led
To those who help us most to grow
If we let them
And we help them in return