Friday, November 7, 2008

Wedding Planning

It's not easy planning a wedding in the midst of all the economic worries. With the unemployment rate at 14 years high, I am getting cold feet about everything. Will the economy be better or worse come June next year? With all these things in mind, I am really, really trying to stay within my budget, and so far we've spent about 50% of it on the photographer, venues, and ceremony-related stuff. Food, alcohol, flowers, and DJ are probably going to be the next biggest expenditures. O.M.G. How am I going to pull this off? With lots of prayers and diligent hard work, I suppose. I'm still optimistic though. I am doing a lot of DIY things for the decor, so that should help somewhat :)

Anyway, we have decided to do a buffet style dinners. We're inviting between 150-200 guests, so that will be about 25 tables. Since we are doing a Vintage Broadway theme, we're numbering the tables with our favourite Broadway Plays:

The Phantom of The Opera
Mamma Mia
A Chorus Line
Beauty And The Beast
The Lion King
42nd Street
My Fair Lady
The Producers
The Sound Of Music
The King and I
Jersey Boys
Kiss Me, Kate
Le Miserables
Miss Saigon

I'm not sure whether I should name the tables "Le Miserables" or "Wicked".... but I really liked these musicals, so.... we'll see :)

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