Saturday, November 29, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving, All!

Please, please remind me next year not to go near shopping places on Black Friday. I'm not so sure that fighting 20 people in the wee hours of the morning, and waiting 2 hours at the check out line is worth the $50 savings... Well... but then again, it is an extra $50 I could spend somewhere else... but... nahh... I don't think I'll be shopping those black Friday deals again next year.

By the way, I did see a really cute bm dress at BCBG on sale for under $80, plus there were other discounts too. Too bad the line was SO long! Here is a picture of one of the dress I liked:

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Cindy said...

Okay stace, ill be more than happy to remind you. In fact, i'll even accompany you to not go next year... crazy maddddnesss!