Monday, March 9, 2009

Vintage Founds

I went to a thrift store in Anaheim last weekend, and..... look what I found!!

Cool vintage frames! Remember I said a while back that we are going to name the tables according to broadway shows ? Well, these are a preliminary sample of what the table numbers are going to be. Total estimated cost for 20 tables? under 20 - 30 bucks. Can you imagine? A buck per frame (and I just printed out the playbills from my home printer). the frame in the middle is $2, but the other ones are $1 each. They also had lots of tall vintage vases for ranging between $2-10. My goodness.... It's like I died and went to vintage shopping heaven. I had collected about 10 different frames and 5 vases when my fiance came to my side, pulled me out of the daze I was in, and brought me back into reality. He literally had to put the frames and vases back to the shelves and drag me to the car so that I don't go crazy buying these darling frames and vases..... I only managed to 'save' these three frames but I think I'll go back there without him one of these days *shhh! don't tell!*

Anyway, here's the story behind the 2nd frame (the one in the middle). You can't really see it in the pictures above, but here's a close up picture of it.
This is the movie ticket from our first date together. Phantom of the Opera. January 8, 2005. I recently found it inside the pocket of my sister's dressy jacket that I wore on that date 4 years ago. It was a thick jacket, so I only wear the jacket once in a while, which explains why the ticket stayed intact for so long. I'm glad I found it though.... Isn't it a wonderful memorabilia? I think I will place this frame, along with the frames of our grandparents and parents' wedding pictures around the wedding cake as a little nod and a wink to them ;)

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