Monday, March 23, 2009

DIY Wedding Sign

My friend gave me a brilliant idea last night.... he suggested that we take this picture:

Blow it up to about 20 x 15 size, stick in on a pole, and put it in front of the wedding venue as a welcome sign for our guest... kinda like this:

Brilliant, I tell you :)


Marie Reed said...

This turned out sooo nicely! Brilliant really sums it up!

I'm having so much fun reading through your blog! I've just started the planning process so I'm really a rookie! It's nice to see a wedding blog from a real person too and not one that is blazing with ads about super expensive products!

Ms. B said...

Aww... you're too nice, Marie! Thank you. Congratulations on your engagement! I love reading your blog too, and I especially enjoy looking at all the wonderful vintage pictures :) thanks for finding me here! I'm already a fan and avid reader of your blog... :D