Sunday, March 29, 2009

uuu.... 51st post :)

First thing's first.... Mr. B is going away on a trip for 2 weeks, and I miss him already!! :(

So, yesterday we went to Robbins Bro, and picked out our wedding rings! Yayyy :) It's one of the easiest decision we've made during this whole wedding planning process. They showed us several rings, and one just screamed "I'm IT!". So I got it. Actually, Mr. B got it for me. He's so lovely that way. Anything I want, I get. He spoils me too much.

Anyways, we also managed to finalize the floorplan for the reception venue and the reception timeline. I'm so proud of us ;) Plus, I managed to finish about 30 flowers already. I did them while watching Legaly Blond and Lakers Game, consecutively. So... that's like about 4 hours? Anyhow. Extremely proud about them flowers too. Overally, it's such a productive weekend. Wow.

The highlight of the weekend was getting Cindy's hair trial done yesterday. OMG. She's already pretty anyway, but with the little romantic ribbon bands... and the sweet flower... and the trendy curls? She looked so pretty that I almost got teary-eyed. Seriously. Gorgeous, I tell you.

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