Friday, April 3, 2009

Ladieeess :)

This weekend is girls only weekend. Almost.

I have a friend's bachelorette party tonight, probably followed by a sleepover at her place... then I gotta get home to feed my puppy. Then I'm going to the wedding venue to peek at the wedding they have going on there so that I can have an idea how the place looks at night. It's an outdoor place and they have twinkling lights and lanterns hanging from the little strings... it looks amazing in the pictures, so hopefully I'll get to see that in person tomorrow night. And thennn..... of course when you're in that area, you h.a.v.e to stop over at El Campeon... the authentic Mexican restaurant around the corner :)

Then on Sunday, I have a brides-to-be gathering during lunch time.... These are my friends from the Indonesian Youth group here in LA area. OMG. Can you believe that there are 7 of my friends getting married from now until October? Just from that group alone! Not to mention my 2 co workers who are also engaged to be married sometime this / next year, my 2 ex-roommates from college who are also getting married this and next year, and 3 of my other friends from college who are also engaged.... I guess weddings does not know the word recession :) Anyway, I'll be so much fun hanging out with all these brides-to-be :) I can't waitt!!!

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