Thursday, April 9, 2009

Confession of a ....

Well, this has nothing to do with wedding I guess, but since Easter's around the corner, I thought I should make a confession...

When I was about 10 years old, I begged my mom to buy me a particular doll... she flat out said "no" in the beginning. However, I kept begging and begging and showing her different features of the doll and explaining why this doll is different from the other 4 dolls I already had at home. After a while, she saw how badly I wanted the doll and finally gave in and bought this (at the time) luxurious toy. I was on top of the world, so happy and smiling from ear to ear the whole way down from aisle #12 to the check out counter.

The giddiness of having the new doll and triumph over my mom didn't last long, though. I caught a glimpse of worry on her face as she paid for the doll. A look that up till this day still stirs up sudden surge of regrets in my heart. Years later, I learned that my parents were having some tough financial problems around that time. No wonder she had said no! And no wonder she was so worried! You can imagine the guilt I felt even until today. I decided right then and there to be a good daughter and do everything my parents ask me to do. (Well, maybe not everything they tell me to do, but... almost everything?)

Of course every now and then I don't see eye to eye with my parents (especially around the age of 16 and 21). But most of the time, I try to be someone they can be proud of. Where am I going with this, you ask? Well, during the course of planning this wedding, my parents pretty much leaves everything to me. They trust me to make the right decisions, and to plan a nice yet memorable celebration. All under reasonable budget, of course!

The problem is, I think they're spoiling me too much. They want me to have a great wedding, and that costs a bit more that what I think I need. I'm happy with an intimate wedding with close family and friends at our backyard or something, but I guess they have something else in mind. So sometimes.... arguments happens. And when it happens, I ask myself, so what if my mom wants to have snacks after the ceremony? And so what if she really wants me to have favors? And so what if she wants to re-do all the menu I had set up for the reception? And so what if she wants to invite a few more of her friends to the party at the last seconds? In the end, whatever makes them happy always makes me happy, and that's that. Family is definitely, most certainly, and must always be... more important than my version of dream wedding.

That's all :)

Happy Easter!

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