Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baby just say.... yes

I didn't know that getting a marriage license is so easy. I left work to go to the old courthouse in Santa Ana during my lunch hour, and got in and out in 20 minutes. (well, we took some pictures in front of the courthouse too, so total time spent is approximately 30 minutes) I was able to make it back to work in just under an hour.... impressive.... :) Of course it helps that we already filled out the paperwork online and had everything ready for the clerk to process.

I was almost tempted to do the ceremony there and then too.... it would've been such a simple process... but... nah.... what's the challenge in that? :)

Anyways, as we sat down in front of the clerk who was checking our paperwork, Taylor Swift's song "Love Story" just came on the radio... and as the clerk ask us to raise our right hand and asked us to confirm that all our statements in the paperwork are "nothing but the truth", Taylor crooned "baby just say.... 'yes'" :)

Coincidence? I think not :)

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