Thursday, April 23, 2009

Working Out

I've been trying so hard for so long to get into the healthy habit of exercising. Nothing really works... I joined a gym so I can take the aerobic classes... but those classes are so full. I dragged myself to the pool, but ended up feeling too self conscious. I tried those home workout videos... but I'm not motivated enough to do it after the 15th minutes.... the list goes on and on.

I'm 5'5", normal weight, but of course, who doesn't want to look leaner and healthier on their wedding day? So, inspired by Ms.TTO, I started jogging around the block on Monday with my dog... and again yesterday. I heard from my friend that as a beginner I shouldn't push myself to run everyday, but rather stagger it a bit and run every other day. So that's what I did. Surprisingly enough... it wasn't that hard!

So I think I've found a secret in committing to this workout plan:
1. you must have a good support system (mr.b has been very encouraging at the very least)
2. you must have a great motivation to commit to the workout plan. Halfway through the workout, I sometimes imagined myself looking crappy in my wedding gown - this is the best motivator ever for me, and it helps me run through the last 1/4 miles. Although it does kinda give me nightmares at night... but yeah... whatever works.
3. you must not think about exercising. Instead, just put on your running shoes, grab your keys and ipod, and just go. don't even think about it.
4. you must allocate some time after running to really feel he surge of happiness and relief after you're done with the workout. that's when i really feel alive *hehe. Seriously... take some time to cool off... take deep breath, and feel the rush :)

Hmm.. that's all. After 2 days of running, I actually feel a lot better already. I haven't been weighing myself of anything, but just the serotonin and adrenaline rush after you run the 2 miles... it makes you feel good almost immediately. My legs are sore now, but not too sore (since I've been taking it easy in the beginning). Well, hopefully I can keep up this habit and commit to it.

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