Saturday, April 23, 2011


Have you guys been keeping up with American Idol?

I haven't been watching it since I've been busy with school, but for my husband, AI is a must see show. I sometimes "watch" it with him on DVR. And by watching, I meant working on a school paper on my laptop next to him, in front of the TV. But last night, something broke my concentration: Haley Reinhart. Wow, that voice... and that song! Uuuu.. and that dress! Ok, now I'm hooked :)

Speaking of that dress, did you see how beautiful she looked? Oh and the dress... the dress! It's vintage and retro and looks really cool on her. I read that you can get it from

 Haley Reinhart. Photo courtesy of Fox.

Haley is my fave in the show because she looks kinda like the character Angela from TV Series Bones.... but her performance last week was really great. Yep.... I guess I'll be watching the show more closely now. Go Haley!!! You got my vote :)

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