Thursday, May 19, 2011

30 reasons why I love you...

1              You work out to keep looking HOT
2              You don't force me to work out
3              You like my cooking, no matter how bad they are
4              You say "I love you" every day, no matter what
5              You still take the trash out even though you come home late
6              You wash the dishes after I cook
7              You do the laundry when you have time
8              You don't force me to do laundry
9              You play with Pixie like he's a real human
10           You entertain my crazy emo moments
11           You aways listen to my rants about school or life in general
12           You love my family like they are your own
13           My family loves you so much
14           You put up with my obsession with ghost adventurer
15           and my obsession with reality show
16           You're always supportive of my work and studies
17           I love how much care you put into your hair
18           I love how savvy you are with finances
19           You're so diligent in taking care of our house
20           You don't mind waking up in the middle of the night to get me a glass of water
21           You remind me to keep up with our faith
22           You don't force me to cook everyday
23           I love how you're so into basketball and take the time to explain the rules to me
24           I love how unselfish you are
25           I love how you never forgot to put the toilet seat down
26           I love how efficient and prepared you are in everythig you do
27           I love how you smell after you shave
28           I love how you kiss me good night
29           I love that it only took me 5 minutes to create this list. That just shows how absolutely wonderful and lovely you are, and…
30           I love you because baby, you're a firework!

Happy birthday, darling.

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