Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I must confess.... I don't eat breakfast on a regular basis. In fact, I skip breakfast 99% of the time on weekdays. However, there's just something special about making breakfast for my husband or being served breakfast on the weekends... Something special enough that makes me *choose* to get out of bed early in the weekend instead of sleeping in. Well, maybe not every weekend, but.. you get the point. :)

I don't know what it is about having breakfast on weekends that fascinates me so much. Is it the fact that you get away with substituting a full meal with a dessert? (Come on, let's be real here... "chocolate chip pancake with maple syrup and strawberry whipped cream" does not exactly fall into the "normal meal" category.) Or is it the reminiscence of your childhood memories, where you're transformed back to those lazy Sunday mornings in your Mom's kitchen, watching her mix the pancake batter?

Either way, I just thought today I'll share some pictures of the breakfast feast that I've made recently:

Animal style choco-bacon pancake
Can you believe that someone actually came up with the idea of introducing bits of bacon *inside* the chocolate chips? Genius, I tell you!

Here's a picture of my new favorite breakfast recipe:
It's poached eggs on toast with grilled muenster cheese, topped with pesto basil sauce. Asparagus and bacon is tagging along 'coz that's what they do in the weekend.

Yummyyyy :)

I really want to try this recipe next. http://willowbirdbaking.wordpress.com/2010/03/30/carrot-cake-waffles/ Anyone wants in?

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