Friday, March 12, 2010

What's a rooster, a pig, a tiger, and.... flamingo doing in the same room?

They're all hanging out on my kitchen wall, that's what! :)

We just put up the sand paintings that we bought from Bali on our last vacation. It was quite a mission to put all 9 animals up there. Somehow the flamingo doesn't want to stand straight (it's probably hard to do it with one leg in the first place), and the penguin kept on bickering with the horse. Finally after adjusting and readjusting the position of the animals, everyone was happy with their assigned post and agreed to be on their best behavior.

Here's Mareebelle the cow. She got the honor of being the first one strutting her stuff on my wall.
Just look at the color of the wall for a second. We got so lucky that the previous owner of this house had good taste in choosing their color palette. I love how cozy and inviting my kitchen looks with 3 shades of yellow. Actually the color on this wall is warm yellow. Not quite as orange as it looks on the picture above, but more like a deeper version of the yellow on the next picture. Sorry if the pics looks kinda blurry. I just used my blackberry to take the pictures...

Here's Mr.B trying to get everybody lined up... It was my brilliant idea to get these paintings, but he ends up being the one doing the dirty work. Isn't married life a bliss? He's so lucky to have me to boss him around; "more to the left, dear. that a little too low, bring it up a little bit. no, not that one... the one next to it.. no, no... here, let me do it." :) Sorry Mr. B... I hope I wasn't too much of a pain :P

I have to say, with Mr.B's hard work and my *ahem* good taste, the kitchen wall looks amazing. Good job, us! *pat ourselves on the back.

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