Monday, April 19, 2010

Island Clutters

I felt really good this weekend! I overcame my laziness and finally got around to do some serious cleaning around the house. I'm still kinda recovering from my flu, so I tried not to get out so much... I think the spring wind does not have quite a positive effect with my health... but I mopped the floors, cleaned some counters, and scrubbed the bathrooms. Clean house feels so good.

But.... on the downside, the kitchen sink was clogged. again. Boy, the plumber must've not done a not so good job! Plus, when I called them up again, they said that there's no warranty with the service that they did on Friday. So that means that they will charge extra for coming back to re-fix the sink. Oh... these are just some of the joy of owning a house, right?

Good thing we still have some loquats on the trees to sweeten the bitterness of paying extra $120 for re-fixing a sink. Pictures and stories about loquat coming soon :)

Anywayyyy.. originally I wanted to post about the 3 tiers servers that I wanted to purchase for the kitchen island. Here's some that I'm seriously considering to buy:

I kinda like the bamboo one better.... but... the 2nd one is so vintage that I can't help but to swoon all over it...

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