Friday, April 16, 2010

One of those days

This is one of those days where everything is just not going so well...
The kitchen sink that I just cleaned on Wednesday got clogged, couldn't wake up this morning, and got into a minor accident on my way to work. Nothing major, thank God! Just some scratches on the back bumper... but still enough to kinda ruin my Friday. Got to work late because of the accident. Have to make up the 30 minutes of lateness by having a short lunch. Didn't bring lunch. Hungry and cranky and sad and mad at the whole situation.

So, the best thing to do? Plan for a nice Saturday brunch and hope things will go better from now. I had so many plans for this weekend... Disneyland tonight maybe... brunch tomorrow at PJ Abbey's.... go to a friend's baby shower... and go to the pet expo on Sunday.

I found some pictures here from PJ Abbey.... looks delicious, right? Hmm... brunch... I feel better already. :)

 I can't wait!

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