Friday, January 16, 2009

DIY Projects

As I read my daily dose of wedding blogs, I always get inspired to do my own DIY projects. Actually, I think it should be DIT (do it together! hehe) projects. One project in particular that I'm going to do is my own guestbook and frame my own engagement pictures. I'm actually inspired to do these 2 projects because as I was reviewing my photographer's price list against my contract, the numbers does not make sense... why does it cost so much to frame an 11x14 engagement picture print on a 20x24 frame?

And so.. Mr. B and I went to Michaels to look at the frames that they have... and guess what? They are having a 50% off all styles of frame. Voila! It's decided there and then to just get the engagement pictures touched up ourselves (hello, photoshop!) and frame it nicely with one of those frames that are on sale. I read online that Bay Photo is a great source to do some color correction etc, and get good prints too.

In Indonesia, most of the people I know have their engagement pictures printed on canvas like this:
Cool, huh? You can order it online. That is if there is no copyright from the photographer, of course.

Anyway, same thing for the guestbook. I think I might take some of the pictures from the engagement shoot, and put them together into a book with plenty of space for guests to sign their name in. I will also order this online :)

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