Friday, February 20, 2009

Chair Decoration DIY

Remember how I was thinking of having the hanging favor box on the chair instead of having the chair covers? Here are some different ideas for the decor:
1. Hang dried wheat on a bow on the back center of the table
2. Hang flowers

The above 2 options end up to be more expensive that I want it to be.... I need the decoration for each chair to be under a dollar. So.. as my creative side of the brain works better on Fridays, I came up with this idea from this image:

So... to modify it a bit to serve our purpose as a hanging chair decoration, here is a step by step guide of how to make it:

1. Make a cone out of paper doilies (these 8" doilies papers are about 5cents each from or 2 cents if you can buy in bulk from here
2. Tie a ribbon around on the doilies so you can loop it into the back center of the chair.

3. Get a few bunches of baby's breath (you'll need about 3 stems of bb per cone, and it's around 10cents each stem if you buy in bulk.)
And voila! You're done. (I think.) I haven't actually tried to make these, but.... yeah. I think it's easy enough to do, don't you? I'm gonna try to do it this weekend :)

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