Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wedding Videography

Is it important to do the wedding video in HD quality? I was already set on selecting my videographer last week, but I talked to a fellow bride-to-be in the weekend and now I'm back to square one... I don't know what to do. HD or non HD? Is HD video important enough for me to spend that much more? And, if I decide to follow on her footstep and get the raw footage HD video only (and get it edited somewhere else), how much more will I need to spend to get the video edited later on?

By the way, is it rude to ask other brides what they spend on their wedding stuff? I'm always on the fence when it comes to asking people about money matter.

Hmm... I'm so glad I have this blog so I can rant and brainstorm through these ideas. I think in the end I will go with my first choice since I already got a pretty nice DVD, full coverage, edited cinematic style DVD, for a great price... even if it's non HD. After all, my theme is Vintage Broadway, right?! With this theme, if I could go all out on the wedding video, I would get the super 8 dvd like these lovelies from Weddings By Two:

Decision, decision. Why art thou so hard to make?

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