Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wedding Jacket

Just 2 days before the wedding, after reading the -rather- pessimistic weather forecast, I decided to look for a wedding jacket to wear at the reception. You know me, I get cold easily... Especially at night, in that dress, and especially since the reception is outdoors, I really, really needed to have some source of warmth, and this time maybe Mr.B won't suffice since he'll be busy greeting the guests etc the whole time.

So, I thought long and hard.... where, oh where can I find a nice enough jacket to wear over my gorgeous dress - FAST - ??? Something warm, nonrestrictive, but still have the vintage / sweet / broadway look that I wanted? Vintage! *dingdingding.... a bell rang in my head. There's this place at downtown Fullerton that sell vintage clothing at a decent price! So, off I go to the American Vintage store. OMG, that place is pure vintage heaven! I dig through the stuff they sell (very well organized store by the way), and at the last rack at the very back, there she was. My beautiful sweet vintage broadway jacket..... Wow. what a find :) The color matches perfectly, the fabric, the lightness of the material, the warmth it provided.... the look?! And the timing too! Perfect timing. It was the only one they have in the store.

Curious what she looks like? Here she is in action....

At twenty-five bucks, she seriously made me feel like a million dollars :) Thank God!

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