Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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read this post from the East Side Bride


I was beginning to feel a tiny twinge of guilt after going over budget on my wedding... especially knowing that so many beautiful people out there like 10,000+ and the budget savvy bride who had awesome weddings on a budget! And especially now that we bought a house and all the house expense are starting to pile up. I can't help but to look back and think "hmm... maybe I shouldn't have spent so much on the flowers... I could've saved that money and bought myself a nice couch instead."

But.... after reading this post from the East Side Bride... I feel much, much better. My wedding was indeed the most wonderful celebration of our love that I could ever hoped/planned for, and it was definitely, definitely worth every penny. So what if I went overboard a little? It's once in a lifetime after all :)

budget budget budget.... I've now come to term with my defeat.

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east side bride said...

don't think of it as defeat, lady. you won! you're married!