Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lagging behind...

Wow has it been more than a week since my last post? Time sure flies...

So I haven't done my thank you cards yet.... you know me... always procrastinating. It seems that after the wedding is done, the to-do list still continues but suddenly I don't have time anymore. Or, I don't want to do them anymore. That's pretty bad, huh? It's just like not wanting to clean the dishes after eating the buffet? kind of? Hehe.. OK. Time to snap out of this lazy mode and get with the program :)

Actually, I have created my thank you card using photoshop a long time ago, but I wasn't sure how I was going to transfer it to the actual cards. I know I want it to be a photo greeting card type of thank you cards and I know I want to put meaningful verse from one of my fave musical at the back of the card. So the questions remain..... Do I send it somewhere to print? Do I print it myself? What kind of paper do I use? What kind of envelope goes with it? Arrghh..

After thinking about it for... oh almost 4 weeks now... (woops!) and after doing all my research, I decided to go with photo center. Wow, for eighty cents a piece including envelopes, I think it's a great deal! Other websites that I looked at charge at least twice that amount! And the nice thing is, you can actually customize the writing at the back like what I wanted. Perfecto!

I'm actually also waiting for my group table photos from the photographer so that I can print them out and send them to my guests along with the thank you card so they have a copy of the photos too..... hopefully I'll get the photos soon?

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