Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wedding Day Recap Part Two

OK.... well it has been 45 days (according to my website at ewedding.com) since the wedding. I guess I really better write down all the things while I can still remember.

So, where was I last time?


Right. So, yes, we took lots and lots of pictures of me getting ready and me with the girls and me with the parents and brothers. Throughout the entire time, somehow my veil was very problematic. It kept sliding back and basically not staying where it needs to be.

You see, the veil I always wanted was a combination of a cathedral length (which is long and prone to being stepped on by unsuspecting bystanders that's stepping by too closely) and a mantilla and a little bit of a fingertip blusher (is that what it's called?) so that Mr. B can "unveil" me later during the ceremony. So my mom's dressmaker in Indo was able to custom make one for me. Exactly the way I wanted it to be. But... at a cost: it won't stay on!

Well, thankfully my mom and bridesmaids are experts in taking care of these kinds of emergencies, and they had extra hair pin etc. I'm not sure what exactly they did in the end, but the veil ended up staying put until the wedding ceremony is over :) *phew!

So, after taking the pictures for what felt like a short period of time, the photographer suddenly looked at the time and said, "I better get to the church and start setting things up there". Off he went and we were suddenly left just standing around, waiting for the limo. The cold sweat returned to my forehead immediately as I begin to realize that the limo IS actually running late! By that time, my bridesmaids were already on to my fear of being late and they did a good job of keeping me away any type of clock or watches. Not that anyone was wearing any watch... We waited for a few more minutes outside for the limo, but the wind was too strong that we decided to go wait inside the hotel lobby. Right at that moment, the limo finally showed up and we rushed back out and got on the limo. I caught a glimpse of the time then on the radio clock and guess what time it was? 1:53pm. The ceremony's supposed to start at 2pm, so I knew we were going to be late for sure. Thankfully, the church is pretty near. We ended up arriving at 2:02. 9 minutes travel time exactly. Boy I could feel the butterflies right now as I'm writing this down, just remembering that particular moment... but we ended up NOT being too late.... right? 2 minutes is forgiveable :) and another 3 minutes to get everyone ready and there I was, my father by my side, holding his arm, and walking me down the aisle.

As I walked down the aisle, I was so nervous and I felt like my heart was exploding. There's no feeling like it. I guess it was a mixture between nervous, amazed, worried, happy, touched, sad (when looking into my father's eyes, realizing that he's in a way losing his baby girl), expectant, and so much more emotion that I can't figure out the words for. My eyes began to feel warm and I was very sure I would start crying right away. But as I walked by my father's side, I started noticing things. Like.... wow my dad walks kinda fast *gotta keep up*. Uuu... my friend D and his family is here *how cute is his new baby!*. wow, there are a lot of people! and lots of camera. Then I realized, they are all here for ME! just for me (and Mr.B, of course!). I didn't feel like crying anymore.... I felt like soaking it all in. That very moment, I felt like time just stopped and you can see everything so clearly for the very first time. I prayed to God that I can always remember that moment no matter how much time has passed....

The walk down the aisle took probably 30 seconds, but to me it felt like a lifetime. When I finally was able to caught up with time, I looked past the people and saw the one face I have been waiting to see the whole day.... Mr. B.

Doesn't he look handsome? Do you see why I was the happiest lady in the whole world at that moment? It didn't matter that the limo was late. Or that the veil kept sliding back. Or that the ceremony would last 30 minutes longer than it was supposed to be. Or the fact that the pastor pretty much 'shooed' us away and forbid us from taking pictures on the altar after the ceremony (the ceremony was too long and they were supposed to have confessions). None of it matter. Right that very moment, I was taking it all in. I was the happiest, luckiest, most blessed person breathing in the whole world, and nothing else really matter.

Anyway our Nuptial Mass was beautiful beyond my imagination. I'm not gonna go into details since there were so many elements in the mass, as it was a Catholic mass. I truly thank God for everything He has done for the two of us. Two people. Different world. Different lives. How in the world could we have been lucky enough to meet if not because of Him?

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